Who we are

The Calou is product made by TECHNIKmanufaktur, a young company hailing from the district of Ottensen in Hamburg.


Hannes v1The TECHNIKmanufaktur was founded by Hannes Dziggel at the beginning of 2014 in order to bring his digital wall calendar idea and other digital products onto the market. Hannes is an enthusiastic regatta sailor, programmer, guitarist, DJ, construction engineer, father of a young daughter, UX designer, all-night worker, and the proud owner of a presentable jazz record collection. He’s built and set up a number of large trade fair stands in foreign countries for none other than Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, amongst other customers. He has also operated a two meter tall ink-jet printer that prints 5 meter wide products and has sold machines that spin ardent 10 ton titanium steel blocks in the air like a toy. Tight dates and appointments accompanied by time pressure have always been a regular part of life. As such, Hannes’ special attention for the efficient and ergonomic organization of dates and appointments has always been a necessity and priority. Two factors have been allocated a special level of importance along the way to the construction of this electronic wall calendar: The continual transition from excessively used Filofaxes on an electronic calendar in the form of a BlackBerry Curve 8310 and the phase in life as the provider of a young family. In a family unit, a person is no longer the sum of two individuals who coordinate their appointments and leisure activities with each other. A family requires the establishment of an individual unit and one’s focus in life is placed on the priorities at home and the cultivating of this family unit. As such, a common family planer has always been hung up in the kitchen. Now, instead of entering continual appointments from the electronic calendar (an iPhone nowadays) into the paper wall calendar per hand and then constantly altering the entries, Hannes has created the digital wall calendar Calou so as to combine the advantages of both calendars in a contemporary and user-friendly manner.




Here’s giving a huge thanks to our family, our friends, and everyone who has supported us and encouraged us in this endeavor.


Our special thanks

go to Graduate Engineer Karlheinz Jentsch
and his company Friedrich Borgwardt, Ing. GmbH www.borgwardt-ing.de in Hamburg, Germany.

Borgwardt Bildercollage_sw

Mr. Jentsch, his family and his employees have provided us with a great deal of support. Their technical capabilities, their friendly, spontaneous help, and their unbelievable efforts have made the Calou possible.




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