Here you’ll find some answers to common questions, technical specifications about Calou, dimensions, and other technical specifications.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 320x320x30mm (Ø320)

Color White

Material Wood, Steel

Weight ~2.000g

CPU Cortex-A9 1G Hz Freescale i.MX6 solo lite


OS Android 4.4

Screen 9.7″ Eink pearl display, 85hz, V220,

Resolution 1200×825

Gray scales 16 level gray scale

Touch Capacitive Touch Screen

WIFI WIFI, 802.11b/g + Bluetooth 4.0

Audio internal speaker

USB Micro USB 2.0

Battery Battery Holder 4x AA Batterys

Battery last up to two weeks

Language Englisch, German

Operative Temp. 0°C- 50°C

Approval and Permission: CE, ROHS, TELEC, VCCI,pse




Do I need a Google account in order to be able to use the Calou?

Answer: No. You only need a calendar account to be able to use the Calou. This can then either be an iCloud account or a Google account. A Google account is free of charge and can be set up at any time online.

Do I need an iPhone in order to use the Calou?

Answer: No, the Calou works with both iCloud and Google. An iPhone isn’t absolutely necessary. A Google account is fully sufficient.

Will my iPhone calendar be displayed directly?

Answer: Yes, simply enter your Apple ID into the Calou and then the iCloud calendar in your iPhone is automatically displayed.

Do I have to share my calendar so that it can be shown in the Calou?

Answer: No, every calendar account is independent and works autonomously.

What languages are supported?

Answer: The Calou currently supports English and German. Additional languages will be offered soon.

What operational system does Calou function on?

Answer: Android 4.4

Do I have access to the Google PlayStore?

Answer: Yes

Does the Calou require an electrical connection?

Answer: No, the Calou runs with 4 AAA (mignon) batteries or rechargeable batteries, but can be continually connected to a general household electricity socket via a USB cable.

Data security: Is my data and information safe in the Calou?

Answer: The Calou only shows data and information that you have already entered in your Cloud – Google or iCloud. Other external databases are not made use of. Your Google or iCloud appointments are only stored in your Calou. We have not access to your data or information.

How long does the Calou run with a load of batteries?

Answer: Battery consumption very much depends on the usage and frequency of the synchronization. At a rate of two synchronizations per day with only but a few entries/display switches, a set of batteries can last for roughly 10-14 days

Where can I get replacement storage batteries?

Answer: The Calou functions with common AAA (mignon) batteries that are available in every supermarket.

Will there be software updates?

Answer: We are planning to regularly make online updates available so that you can update your device directly online.

Why can’t I just buy the Calou in a store or web-shop?

Answer: The series production is not currently up and running. As such, the Calou can only be pre-ordered exclusively via the crowdfunding campaign.

When will the Calou be available on the market?

Answer: We are currently planning to start delivering in December of 2015


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