The Calou masters a number of different calendar presentations in order to always provide an optimal overview of things. There’s a task bar on the lower edge of the screen for switching between options. In addition, you can always directly press on the date of a day or on the week number in order to directly switch to the desired period of time or date.

Watch our video in which we thoroughly introduce the Calou and its functions.


Monthly overview

The most typical function of the Calou is the monthly view presented in a column format with the complete overview of all dates, appointments, and users on one side.


month view 934

One whole month at a glance


Hide the columns

By clicking on the name above the column, you can push the columns together to get more space and a better overview. As such, you can ‘hide’ all columns except for one to get a better sole overview of whatever it is you’d like to focus on. One more click back and the columns open up again.


By clicking on a cell in a calendar column, you directly receive a short overview of the selected day without switching over to the daily view.

auf einen tag geklickt 752

The agenda for a day


Selecting days or weeks

In order to switch back and forth between the various viewpoints and appointments as quickly as possible, you can always click directly on one day or one calendar week. Then you switch the presentation directly to the daily or weekly overview.



Weekly overview


If you want an overview of the current week, you switch to the weekly overview.

week view940

The week




3 Days

For even more details, you can call up the following three days entirely onto the screen.


3-day view 948

3-Day overview – compact and lucid





Daily overview

An entire day in overview. The first line lists all of the full day dates.


day view 947

An overview of a day



A specialty feature of the Calou is the priority function. In the monthly overview, two dates per day are displayed together with a symbol which indicates how many additional dates or appointments are left in a day.

With the priority selection box in the daily view section and in the new appointment dialogue, you can determine which two appointments should directly receive priority and “stand ahead” in the monthly viewpoint.



A new date

A new date can be directly entered in the Calou by clicking on a daily box or on the New key in the task bar.

termin eingeben 727

Very recognizable in the picture is the priority selection box (see above), which is used to determine whether the date/appointment should be presented directly in the monthly view.


Between the years – The Yearly Overview

In order to be able to jump quickly between far removed time intervals, there’s the yearly overview. Here you can directly click on a day, a calendar week or a month and the display jumps to the selected point in time.

year view 704


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